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RPLIDAR is a low cost Laser Scanner.
It works like a Radar.

One is connected to an obniz.
And draw results on HTML.

Additional Information

  • Version : 1.0.0
  • Updated : Oct 15, 2019

Issue Report


Connect RPLIDAR(A1) and obnizBoard like the following pins.

  • obniz tx/ RPLIDAR rx : 0
  • obniz rx/ RPLIDAR tx : 1

Gnd/ vcc are cannot supply by obniz Board, so you need to connect directly power supply.

Other Apps

A/D Monitor

11ch A/D monitor Web App. Bar and Chart display voltages on each obniz io.

HTML Sensor Developer Tools obnizBoard


The thermography is displayed on the browser using the temperature sensor.

HTML Sensor Developer Tools obnizBoard

Lavatory Signal

Sometime It is very convinience that one toilet is occupied or not. There is a human detect sensor like EKMC1601111. We create html that showing lavatory signal (like in airplane ) by collaborating with this sensor.

HTML Sensor obnizBoard

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