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Single Software.
Control anything through Cloud.

Getting Start

Add IoT Functionality Today

Not only data collection. It is easy to create complex remote control IoT with Machine Learning analysis.
IoT reduce costs and time of Machine maintenance.

Fully Controllable from Cloud
Bi-directional and Realtime

Motors and Sensors can be controlled from Software on a Cloud.


"Failure detect, then Reboot" is easy to build with obniz.

ALL in ONE IoT system
includes circuirts to cloud.

obniz provides IoT optimized "OS" and "cloud" to collaborate all system.

GPIO, UART and etc on OS installed device can be controlled from your cloud software.

Custom development is done in cloud-side.


By using our packaged system, speed up your IoT development.

Easy to Start

Prepare obniz OS installed development board. And connect to obniz cloud.
Development boards are available on online stores.

  1. 1.ネットワーク経由でobnizクラウドに接続

    Connect to obniz Cloud
    via the internet.

  2. 2.機器・装置の回路やデバイスにつなぐ

    Connect parts and machines
    to your board.

  3. 3.ブラウザからクラウド上のAPIで操作する

    Control connected
    from your software
    via the internet

Order-made IoT Poc Kit supplied with an App.

Buy professional IoT Starter Kit from 1 qty.
(Now shipping Available in Japan)

Order-made IoT Poc Kit

Getting Start

obniz Board

obniz Board


Basic License included.

OS version

other board

$14 / year ~

Install obnizOS to your Device

Art to Business. This is the truly PERSONAL IoT

IoT beginner can make auto-motive and remotes with javascript.
Collective monitoring and integrating Deep Learning are also easy task.

Sensing for Modern Art.

Sensing for Modern ArtCoredo Muromachi "Future NOREN"

Sensing the humans and wind with obniz.

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Nursing Machin Monitoring

Nursing Machin Monitoring ThyssenKrupp Access Japan

Predicting and Monitoring a battery status and errors in real-time.

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Improvement Hackathon

obniz Hackathon for improvementRoland

It's a hackathon held in Roland by using obniz.

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