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Control everything from a software on your smartphone and cloud.
Fast and Quick Start for IoT.

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A single software controls hardwares in the real world. Moving something by motors, Measuring a temperature, brightness, and distance by sensors.

obniz Technology let you access to multiple hardwares remotely in real time.

API Access to Materials

obniz provide cloud service, platform devices, and SDKs.

<button id="button">LED ON</button>
 var obniz = new Obniz("1234-5678");
 obniz.onconnect = async function(){
  var led = obniz.wired("LED", {anode:0, cathode:1});

Just connect electrical components and circuits to obniz board IO. And let obniz board to connect a network.
Now your software able to connects and controls connected via the internet throught the cloud APIs.
Open the door by moving a motor? YES. By connecting and placing temperature sensors with obniz, multi place tempperature can be monitored by single software.

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Art to Business. This is the truly PERSONAL IoT.

IoT beginner can make auto-motive and remotes with javascript.
Collective monitoring and integrating DeppLearning are also easy task.

Sensing for Modern Art.

Sensing for Modern Art.Coredo Muromachi "Future NOREN"

Sensing the humans and wind with obniz.

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Nursing Machin Monitoring

Nursing Machin Monitoring ThyssenKrupp Access Japan.

Predicting and Monitoring a battery status and errors in real-time.

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Improvement Hackathon

obniz Hackathon for improvementRoland

It's a hackathon held in Roland by using obniz.

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Getting Start!

To begin just get an obniz platform device from online stores.
You will control the real world from your javascript and python and other your favorite languages by writing few codes.
obniz is easy but perfect IoT development system.

Start from $59

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We can support adding monitoring for your devices and using obniz at your school classes. Please contact our sales team.

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