Web now connects Hard and Soft


30sec to be connected to your phone or cloud.Connected Board for Everyone.

Connected Motors and Sensors can be used from your software instantly. No matter the number and distance. Write a signel program with your favorite language. Realworld become in your Software.

  1. 1.connect obniz board to Wi-Fi

    connect obniz board to Wi-Fi

  2. 2.connect devices (e.g. motors) to obniz

    connect devices (e.g. motors) to obniz board

  3. 3.Scan QR code of obniz

    Scan QR code of obniz board and start programmingusing smartphone/pc

Meet the only Firmware-less Technology

This tiny obniz board lets you do hardware programming or produce IoT products with any language and under any environment via the internet(API). Without writing a firmware, single Software now controls multiple obniz. Single Software connects a button on HTML, Database, SNS, LED, Motors, Sensors.

obniz board

Buy obniz board

The very first production or geeky productionobniz, the one and only, will help you

Power design for direct motor connection

Power design allowing direct motor connection

All 12 IO can drive up to 1A



Overcurrent protection

Multipurpose IO

Multipurpose IO

Voltage can be set through the program

Smartphone and Wi-Fi

Smartphone and Wi-Fi

Control everything remotely

Any programming language

Any programming language

API/Cloud integration

Block programming

Block programming

Let's start without typing

Portable SDK

Convenient SDK

Done easily with JavaScript

Technical support

Technical support

Talk and discuss with staff

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obniz accelerates your idea to come true

Start exploring a new world with one click.
obniz supports your passion to make more.

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Only the tookits that have passed the obniz board quality standard will be delivered to you.