obniz usage and FAQ


ower up obniz with keeping the switch pressed.
obniz will show Menu on it’s OLED.
There is “Reset Wi-Fi”. Select it then Wi-Fi will be reseted.

from obnizOS version 1.0.8,You can see it on obniz startup menu.
To open startup menu.
press and hold switch and plug usb cable to an obniz.
Then the menu will appear.
“Device Info” is listed in the menu. Choose it to show your obniz Mac address.

When using obniz as central, obniz can connect up to 4 devices.
If you want to get data from more than 4 devices, please disconnect one and connect to another.
When using obniz as peripheral, only 1 devices connect to obniz.
It will stop advertisement when it connected, and start when disconnected.

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