Meet obniz

Soft/Hard safety

How obniz is different from other platforms

Your code is never exposed

Your programs run on your own system, so even we don't have any means to see it. Also you are free from microprocessor's security issues, because your code never runs on the obniz itself.

Access restriction to obniz

In the very beginning, an obniz accepts anonymous access. However, after the ownership procedure, you can generate access token for each obniz. No one can connect to your obniz without that token.

Firmware/SDK updates

obniz.js is opensourced and it is updated frequently. Using the latest version will ensure the best security. Also, obniz firmware can be updated via the obniz Cloud

Over current protection

obniz will stop driving the io when it detects overcurrent or overheating of the driver in 5v push-pull mode. It will automatically recover from shut-down.

Poor Power Supply Alert

obniz alerts the user when power supply voltage becomes low.