Meet obniz

Powerful and Flexible

obniz has 12 IO and embedded parts. You can use these via the internet.

All 12 IO. up to 1A

Every IO can drive up to 1A.
Even motors can be connected directly.

Peripherals on every IO

GPIO and AD can be used on every IO. And UART/SPI/etc peripherals can be assigned to every IO. So, just connect the parts and write a code to use them.

5v / 3v by software

Each IO's drive methods can be configured independently. Almost all electronic parts can be connected directly.

  • Output type
    • 5v push-pull (1A capable)
    • 3v push-pull
    • open-drain
  • Internal resistor
    • 5v pull-up
    • 3v pull-up
    • pull-down
  • Input
    • 5v tolerant
    • A/D always works with any functions

Embed parts ready for use

Embedded Switch and OLED can be used. Also, BLE is available from the user's program.

Over current protection

obniz will stop driving the io when it detects overcurrent or overheating of the driver in 5v push-pull mode. It will automatically recover from shut-down.

Poor Power Supply Alert

obniz alerts the user when the power supply voltage becomes low.