Meet obniz

EaaS: Electronics as a Service

obniz board is always connected to obniz Cloud by using Wi-Fi.
Just connect motors and sensors to an obniz board, and you can use these via the cloud from anywhere.

obniz functions

What can be connected

Thanks IO that can drive up to 1A, motors can be directly connected. The 5v/3v switch and open-drain let any parts be connected to obniz. Of course, UART/SPI/etc can be used too. Also, you can control machines via the BLE on obniz.

By connecting an infrared LED to obniz, lights or any consumer electronics can be controlled. Or by connecting a relay, you can control power supply of electronics in your home.

How to use

An obniz and its IO can be controlled from your program. SDK makes it easy to do so in JavaScript. You can use obniz and the connected parts even in HTML. The parts and machines in the real world become objects in your program, via the internet.

What obniz can be used for

For ICT education

obniz doesn't require an app to start a program. You can open a HTML program page by scannning the QR code. Let's start IoT programming today from your browser. obniz has a protection circuit and shows you wiring mistakes when detected. Also, as JavaScript is very common, various samples can be found on the web and it is easy to share your program.

For IoT

obniz doen't require firmware development. You can introduce real world machines to your program. You just have to write what you want to do with the connected parts. Additionaly, collectiong data from multiple obniz and updating a program to change behavior can be done in the blink of an eye.

For AI

Why don't you give new "Eyes" and "Legs" to your AI? obniz gives new data to your AI program. No need to study C++, as it can be used from your program. And upon analyses, things in the real world can be moved. It can collect a large amount of data and control numerous machines instantly.