obnizOS 3.5.0 or laterPlan subscription required

obniz Devices connect to each other to create a Wi-Fi network.
Connect even in places where Wi-Fi cannot reach.

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What is obniz Wi-Fi MESH

Wi-Fi MESH allows devices with a common MESH ID to connect to each other via Wi-Fi and automatically expand the Wi-Fi area.
Even in places and environments where Wi-Fi cannot reach, you can build IoT services with obniz without installing additional Wi-Fi access points (Wi-Fi routers).

obniz Wi-Fi MESH

Locations where Wi-Fi is difficult to access

The MESH network expands the Wi-Fi area, allowing Wi-Fi to reach even hard-to-reach areas.

places where Wi-Fi is difficult to access

Locations where the number of access points is limited

With Wi-Fi MESH, only the root device needs to connect to the access point (AP).

the number of access points is limited

Locations where devices are mobile or where the Wi-Fi environment changes frequently

Automatically builds a mesh network at the device's destination.


Features of Wi-Fi MESH

MESH networks are built automatically

Whether adding or moving devices during operation, unexpectedly losing power to a device, or removing/replacing a device, the mesh network is automatically rebuilt.

The figure shows an example of self-healing in the case of a failure of device C.

MESH networks are built automatically.

Easy to setupJust add an ID to build MESH

Build MESH with other devices (obniz) that have the same MeshID. Just add the "MeshID" when setting up the network, no difficult settings are required.

Easy to manageStatus monitoring from the cloud

You can check the connection status of the mesh network and the distance from the access point on the obniz developer's console.

Easy to developNo need to change the program

Devices that have been operating with a regular Wi-Fi connection can be switched to Wi-Fi MESH without changing their programming.

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You can't.
obniz Wi-Fi MESH can be used with any device that has a version of obnizOS (3.5.0 or later) installed that supports Wi-Fi MESH. To use this service, you need to sign up for a Wi-Fi MESH connection plan. Please contact us for details.

No, only obniz devices will be able to connect to the Wi-Fi, so it does not mean that obniz devices are expanding the Wi-Fi area.

From the access point, only one unit appears to be connected.
Only one IP is required, and the number of connections required to connect to the cloud does not change. However, the communication volume will increase as more devices are added.

The number of layers* (hops) can be up to 6, and the number of devices can be up to 100 (nodes).

However, the theoretical communication speed is halved for each layer down. A decrease in communication speed may result in a decrease in the amount of beacons acquired per hour.

*What is a layer?: When the root node (device) is layer 1, the node connected to layer 1 is layer 2, the node connected to layer 2 is layer 3, and so on. and so on. Please check the Documentation for details.

Other obniz Services to support your operations

Facility Manegement / Operation

obnizOS 3.5.0 or laterPlan subscription required
Facility Manegement / Tap and Connect

We support kitting and installation work when introducing a large number of devices to a facility. With this service(Facility Manegement / Tap and Connect), you can create a batch of installation operations in the cloud and semi-automate the on-site installation process using Andorid devices (apps).

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Update network settings remotely

obnizOS 3.5.0 or laterPlan subscription required
Update network settings remotely

This function allows you to write network settings for online devices in remote locations from the cloud.
Updating network settings for multiple devices or adding spare network settings can be done remotely without having to visit the site.

Update network settings remotely