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Potention Meter that can be used with Grove connectors.
Potention Meter change it's resistor value regarding angle or position.
obniz Board can read resistor value by using AD.
It has three pins. between sides resistor values is constant. voltage of center pin moves within left and right side's voltage.

This parts can treat only 10 ohm to 10 k ohm.

wired(obniz, {[signal, vcc, gnd, grove]})

name type required default description
signal number(obniz Board io) yes   signal (4 pin of Grove)
vcc number(obniz Board io) no   VCC(2 pin of Grove)
gnd number(obniz Board io) no   GND(0 pin of Grove)
grove object no   grove interface object if a device has

// Javascript Example
const meter = obniz.wired("Grove_RotaryAngleSensor", {grove: obniz.grove0});


Called when rotated.
Position value return a resistor value.
A value of 0.0 to 3.3 (5.0) is returned according to the rotation.

// Javascript Example
const meter = obniz.wired("Grove_RotaryAngleSensor", {grove: obniz.grove0});
meter.onchange = function(position) {
  console.log("position: " + position);

Supported from: obniz.js 3.7.0

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