If you have any trouble starting or setting up obniz Board, please check the following or see FAQ.
Please let us know if you have any questions (Contact).

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Display on obniz Board

Display on obniz Board
Problem / Error
How to solve
Nothing appears on the display

Try the following in order.

  1. Reboot(Unplug USB and connect again)
  2. Changing the battery or USB cable

If it does not improve, there is a possibility of obniz Board failure (initial failure). Products with initial failure will be exchange new Board for free within a month after purchase.
Please contact us.

[Wrong password]
Incorrect password entered (OS 2.1.1 or earlier)

Please re-enter your password.

Can't connect
[Can't connect]
Passwords do not match or Cannot connect to Wi-Fi(OS 3.0.0 or later)

The previously set Wi-Fi may not be found, or the selected SSID or password may be incorrect.
Restart Board and set up Wi-Fi connection again.

TCP error

The connection was not successful, for example Connected to Wi-Fi but not connected to serve, or DNS is not possible etc...


Displayed during maintenance or update of the server (obniz Cloud). It usually recovers within a few seconds, please wait.


Displayed when the obniz Board or the user who owns it is not active.
From Device setting, change the setting to Active.

Option menu

When power up with dial switch being pressed, You will be on setting.
About each menu, see blow: Setting Screen

About Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi should have DHCP and 2Ghz band.

If you are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi once connected, it is expected that the network settings has changed.
Please check the following in order.

  1. Restart obniz Board (Power plug in / out)
  2. Restart Wi-Fi router
  3. Change to other Wi-Fi
  4. obniz Board factory reset
    If you start while pressing the dial switch, the option menu [Factory Reset] will be displayed.

If you have any other problems, please check the FAQ.


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