obnizOS is software that runs on the device.


By installing obnizOS, you can remotely control your microcontroller from the cloud.
You can use all the functions of obniz such as state monitoring and APIs.

Features of obnizOS

Usage fees and free quota

obnizOS is distributed free of charge and can be installed freely. You need to pay for the monthly cloud usage fee based on the number of units, but you can use it for free up to a certain number of devices. Udo is also available free of charge. For more information, please refer to the fee structure.

obnizOS for ESP32 series

It can be installed on ESP32 and ESP32-based devices.

  • obnizOS for ESP32
can be installed on all ESP32 devices. A special obnizOS is also available for devices with displays and switches. It has been done. Devices with displays allow you to check your connection status from startup and set up WiFi. and other features.
  • obnizOS for obniz Board
  • obnizOS for obniz Board 1Y
  • obnizOS for encored
  • obnizOS for M5StickC
  • obnizOS for M5Stack Basic

obnizOS Documents



Major Devices that can use obnizOS

Device M5Stack Basic Dev-KitC ESP32-WROOM32
M5Stack Basic Dev-KitC ESP32-WROOM32
Network Wi-Fi (b/g/n 2.4G) Wi-Fi (b/g/n 2.4G) Wi-Fi (b/g/n 2.4G)
Power supply USBTypeC(5v) microUSB(5v) 2.2〜3.6v
Operation Voltage 3.3v 3.3v 3.3v
IO num 15 21 21
Other accessories -Full color display
-Grove terminal
-SD card throttle

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