obniz Board 1Y[obniz Cloud No Expiry Licensed]
obniz Offical Device

obniz Board 1Y[obniz Cloud No Expiry Licensed]

"obniz Board 1Y" is connected to obniz Cloud through Wi-Fi network.Connected electrical parts can be controlled throught obniz Cloud. And obniz Board 1Y has a "sleep function" that stops the operation until a specified time or trigger.

obniz Board 1Y Guide

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obniz Board

Work 1 year with AA batteries

obniz Board

obniz Board 1Y has interval/interrupt sleep function to work with batteries. Sleep function make available working with batteries for long time by continueing sleep and wake up.

Operation Current (Sleep)20-30uA
How long does it work AAA Battery(2000mA)×3
2 minutes in one day(0.083minutes/hour) will work over 1 year.
Wake up Trigger -Past time(minutes/second)
-Edge UP or DOWN detection of io0


Quick Wi-Fi Connection

obniz Board is always connected to obniz Cloud by using Wi-Fi.
No network or cloud expertise required.

Powerful and Flexible

12 IOs with motor driver (up to 1A). Electronic components and modules can be handled without soldering or complicated wiring.

Overcurrent Protection

obniz Board will stop driving the io when it detects overcurrent or overheating of the driver in 5v push-pull mode.

Program on browser

obniz doen't require obnizOS development. Connect to Wi-Fi and run from any device, including PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Developed with HTML / JavaScript

obniz.js lets you use obniz and the connected parts as one object in JavaScript. obniz.js runs on both browser and Node.js.

Free Cloud function

Cloud license granted for one obniz board to write your own IoT programs.

Let's Start an internet connection project now

Simple Start in 30 seconds

Power on your obniz and just connect it to Wi-Fi. You are all set by scanning QR codes with your smartphone.
Insert your favorite parts directly and start your IoT program right now on your PC or smartphone / tablet.


Complete with just one program
SNS linkage, Web service linkage, AI and image processing

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Parts and Modules

obniz.js has parts library. You can use the parts by connecting them to random pins on obniz, and you don't need to read datasheets of the parts either.

Parts Library

Free Cloud License

Unlimited Cloud License Included. Easily connect to SNS, graph sensor data, and remotely control multiple units via the obniz Cloud.

Learn more obniz Cloud

Serverless function -Webhook-

Serverless function -Webhook-

Run the code through Webhook on the obniz Cloud.

Serverless function -Scheduled Timer-

Serverless function -Scheduled Timer-

Execution hourly, daily or in other timing is possible.

Deploy your code

Deploy your code

Use online editors and repositories in the cloud. Easy creation, storage and sharing of programs.

Device management

Device management

Manage devices and accounts in the cloud and update remotely.

obniz Board 1Y [obniz Cloud No Expiry Licensed]

obniz Board Spec
Size w66.6×h36.3(mm)
Number of IO 12
Display STN 128×64
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n(2.4GHz)
Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR BLE
Operation Current Ave 120mA @5v / 20-40uA(sleep)
License obniz Cloud No Expiry Licensed (Lite)

* Wi-Fi connected, BLE standing by, no parts connected, using Display

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