IoT Home Kit IoTホームキット

IoT Home Kit

The newest toolkit to start IoT programming.
Start programming only using a smartphone with obniz.
It only takes this one simple toolkit.
Let's start IoT programming!

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Set programs in motion in the blink of an eye!

Easy to start!
Step up as you go!

IoT Home Kit - Easy to start! Step up as you go!
  1. Play with a ready-made program
  2. Arrange the program! Change the movement
  3. Build your original IoT as you learn from the tutorials!

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Control anything at home with IoT!
So many programs are available for you to use right away.

Control your AC at home from outside

Remote control

By using infrared module that acts as a remote controller, you will be able to remotely control the power and temperature setting of AC.
If you turn on the AC just before you return home, your room will be at an optimal temperature by the time you arrive.

Turn on TV and AC
at the time you wake up


Automate the daily cycle!
Set a program to start at a particular time.
Wake up comfortably by having the program turn on your TV and AC at the time you wake up

Monitor/report if someone is using a washroom


Proximity sensor can detect what is nearby. If you put it inside a washroom, it becomes a toilet sensor.
You can find out if someone is using the washroom without knocking on the door.

Raise the flag if rain is forecasted


When rain is forecasted, have the flag raise and let you know!
Using servomotor, you can make a system that finds information from the internet and let you know.
There are many other uses such as recognizing SNS hashtags of your interest and inform you.

It's easy to start with obniz! Set IoT in motion right away!

No special preparation is necessary to start programming with obniz.
Just open the programming page on your smartphone, and control various objects remotely.
You can build hardware programs and advanced IoT products with different programming languages and environment.
obniz makes that possible with its powerfulness and flexibility.

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Everything you need is included

Start as soon as the Kit arrives!
※ You need a smartphone, mobile battery, screw driver and Wi-fi environment.

Inside the package

  • - Cardboard×3
  • - Servomotor
  • - Connector for the servomotor
  • - Infrared module
  • - Screws
  • - Proximity sensor
  • - Cable for the proximity sensor
  • - Micro USB cable
  • - obniz Board

Ready? Let's get started!

Click and start exploring a new world.
obniz will make your dream come true.

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IoT Home Kit

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