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By getting an obniz device and registering it in the dedicated cloud (obniz Cloud), you can use the convenient cloud functions.



Devices registered to your account will be covered by the Lite plan will be applied


If you want to use the Biz plan,
you need to apply for it.

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Device Connectivity for Cloud
One-Time License
In many cases this mean official device. If your device has a one-time, no expiry license written to it. The followings are example

*"Lite Plan" feature will be applied when you register an official device to your account.

FREE Please Contact us for a quote.
Subscription License

If you create a device by installing obnizOS by yourself to your ESP32 embeded device. The license is this type.
obniz BLE Stick is also this type.

165 JPY/month(per Device)
(Free of charge for one device)

Cloud Functions



Online Editor
Online HTML Editor
*Can be used before registering an account
Online Block Program Editor
*Can be used before registering an account
Device-to-cloud connection
Use Proxy
*Can be used before registering an account
Encryption device-cloud(SSL/TLS
*Can be used before registering an account)
Connecting with Wi-Fi MESH   Currently suspending new orders in preparation for service release
Use in an on-premise   Currently suspending new orders in preparation for service release
Device Management
Network Status
Available Access Token
Remote OS Update (OTA)
Region Setting
Concurrent Connection Limit for Hardware API ( 0-5 )
mac address
CSV Import/Export
Remotely update network settings  
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Offline Notification  
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Contact Sales
Operation / Device Settings App  
Contact Sales
Issue Management and Alerts
Using the Issue Management Function  
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App Use
App Install
App Cloud Execution( 150/day )
App Development
App Creation
Limited Link Sharing on "Explore App"
Published in "Explore App"
Use Pipeline App  
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obniz Forum
Commercial use
Payment by Credit card
Invoice payment  
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21/7/2021 update

Other paid services

This is a paid service that can be used regardless of the plan subscription.

Support Services
Technical Support(Opening a dedicated Slack channel) Contact Sales
Conduct training, Advise on circuit design Contact Sales
Customization of obnizOS, development of dedicated plug-in OS Contact Sales
Hosting Services
Hosting a Nodejs program Contact Sales
Autoscaling Nodejs programs based on device quantity Contact Sales
IoT development Support
IoT Service development (Full-scratch / Semi-custom) See obniz Solution

Solution Expert Service for Partner

We offer paid technical support services to help you develop solutions with obniz.
Our expert engineers will support your company's development.

Solution Expert Service for Partner

Solution Expert Service for Partner

Use for educational purposes

Please consult us about necessary functions such as changing the maximum number of registered devices and encrypting communications.Talk to us.

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