Start IoT and Cloud based DIY electronics with obniz

1. Cloud support For electronics beginners

obniz is good choice for programming for moving a motor and lightning a LED. JavaScript and Python, these a modern programming language, can be used with obniz. obniz Cloud helps you to start development. For example, It will alert on browser when a circuit detect short circuit.

Common Technology we use
obniz is easy enough for beginners. But obniz is already used in enterprise use cases. When you learn with obniz, you can learn IoT development and JavaScript and other programming skills. It skills can be used without obniz regions.

No Installation. Program on Smartphone and Tablets
Just open the web page to start programming. No App installation is required. With obniz Smartphone and tablets

Check obniz Board

2. Integrate Browser screen and electronics

obniz let you control electronics from a Web page. Drawing voltage as a chart, received UART texts on a page, or pressing a button to control a motor or sending a data via SPI/I2C. JavaScript and HTML let you create User Interface as you want. And you can use various of free libraries on the internet. Graph drawing, 3D modeling, SNS integrations are very easy.

3. Through the Cloud. Multiple control

You don’t need to place closer your device and laptop which program is running on. When you have correct cloud license, You can control it even from the other side of the earth. Control AC in home from your office or open lock remotely.

obniz cloud let you multiple access at same time. Single software can control multiple robots or monitor some plants.

4. Connect Web Services or Libraries

Integrate web services and your device for advance your electronics development. By integrating with twitter, You can move a robot regard tweeting. Or saving a temperature on Google Spread Sheet.

Getting Start

obniz Board is best for beginner. It include cloud license and easy to connect motor and sensors. See our official selling partners.


You will Get in Few Days

Circuit for Starter “obniz Board” is available on Amazon and other online stores.
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