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IoT in 30 seconds

Time to say goodbye to difficult and troublesome electronic projects.
obniz enables you to control motors and sensors via programs at your fingertips.
Whatever you want, from simple DIY electronics to advanced IoT projects.

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With "obniz",
you can try various technologies.

IoT / Smart Home

Easy IoT with sensors or motors and obniz.

AI / Deep learning / Image processing

Instantly create Robots and RC cars that recognize images and characters and move.

Webhook / Integration

obniz makes it easy to work with SNS, web services and smart speakers.

Electronic work / Web technology

HTML / JavaScript, operate electronic components from the smartphone UI.

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Compact but powerful "obniz Board"

obniz Board

Simple Start

Power on your obniz and just connect it to WiFi. You are all set by scanning QR codes with your smartphone.

Plug electronic components
and power on

Connect to Wi-Fi

Scan QR codes
Run instantly from program page!

Powerful Hardware

Motor drivers to all 12 I/O pins

DC motors can be connected to every I/O pin. Up to 1A at 5V. You can also switch it into 3.3V so connect and move many motors and sensors as they are.

Overcurrent Protection

Stop automatically in the case of short circuit and overload. Overcurrent/heat protection circuit(*) helps you work safely. (*in 5V mode) You can find the cause because the program page tells you like "Overcurrent on I/O 0".

Operable with any programming language

With PC, smartphone, or tablet,
you can program online anytime and anywhere.

AI and IoT even with Block programming

Start programming opening online program editor. You can deploy the latest technologies such as infrared ray remote control and human detection AI robot just by lining up blocks. Block program can be switched into HTML/Javascript so you can learn programming step by step.

AI and IoT even with Block programming

UI collaboration with HTML / JavaScript

You can control electronic circuit freely with code you write on JavaScript and HTML like "Rotating a motor when pressing button","Controlling PWM and tilt robot head following finger position","Displaying characters received from Arduino via UART" and "graphing sensor data"

UI collaboration with HTML / JavaScript

Link with Web Services and libraries

Vast libraries of Nodejs and Python to link with database, AI, or SNS. With obniz, you can connect libraries and electronic circuits from a single program. It’s easy to add AI functions like image analysis and deep learning into robot or light up LED diode when tweeted.

Link with Web Services and libraries

Full Support for Starting and Continuing


Free access to a variety of lessons and developer documentations on the website.


Parts Library

Open source library for handling electronic components with obniz. It’s free.

Parts Library


obniz forum allows you to interact with users and developers.


Official Examples

Examples of works and productions using obniz. Free materials, programs, and assembling methods.

Official Examples

Let’s start!

New world with just one click.
obniz responds to your wish to make more.

obniz Board

obniz Board connected to cloud immediately.

obniz Board

Available even at electronic parts shop. Shop list


Install obnizOS to ESP32 or other devices.

About obnizOS

AI Robot Kit

AI Robot Kit
(in Japanese only)

Learn more about AI Robot Kit

IoT Home Kit

IoT Home Kit
(in Japanese only)

Learn more about IoT Home Kit

Media & Publication

Japanese version only.

雑誌 子供の科学に連載中

子供の科学 [雑誌]

10th of every month

Link: KoKa Net!

"Smart home made with obniz!" Has been serialized since the October 2019 issue.

Buy Available at bookstores in Japan.



古籏 一浩

Link: リックテレコム 書籍情報

Explains how to connect to Wi-Fi, how to use online editor, how to combine with electronic components, etc.

Buy Available at bookstores in Japan.

Social Networks

obniz FAN Group(Japan)

Facebook group for obniz fans by obniz fans who can publish works and exchange information.

obniz fan group