Preparation and Build

Welcome to the world of IoT!

The kit contains parts for assembling an IoT Home Kit.

  • Cardboard ×3 for Main part
  • Servomotor
  • Servomotor connector
  • Infrared Transmit/Receive Module for obniz
  • Various screws
  • Distance sensor
  • Distance sensor cable
  • Micro USB cable(※)
  • obniz Board(※)
※Kit(obniz Board is not included), USB cable and obniz Board are not included.

Things necessary

In addition to the Kit, a smartphone and mobile battery, plus screwdriver, Wi-Fi are required.

Things necessary

Step0. Connect obniz Board to Wi-Fi

First, connect the obniz Board to Wi-Fi.
Check the Quickstart for how to start and connect Wi-Fi.

Step1. Remove unnecessary parts

Remove unnecessary parts

Step2. Attach servomotor and distance sensor

Mounting image

How to attach servomotor

First, attach the servomotor.
Use two screws, washers, and hexagon bolts to fix the two locations on the left and right.

Next, attach the distance sensor.
Use a screw, a washer, and a hexagon bolt to fix it in two places on the left and right.

Step3. Assembling the body

All fold lines are valley folds.
All cables should exit from the top.

Step4. Attach the flag

Attach the parts that will be the location of the obniz Board to the top.

Attach the flag to the servomotor.


Step5. Connect to obniz Board

Connect servomotor, distance sensor and infrared module to obniz Board.
Pay attention to the position (order) of inserting each pin.

Connect to obniz Board

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You will Get in Few Days

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