Cloud Control Everything

Cloud Control Everything

obniz is the technology for controlling IO, ON/OFF and UART/SPI/etc, from the internet through the APIs. This Cloud based IoT let you control sensors, actuators, and your machines directly from the Cloud.

Fast and Low Cost

We pack circuit design, firmware design, network design, and cloud infrastructure.

All in one IoT obniz

Meet the only Firmware-less Technology

Aggregate all code on the Cloud.
obnizOS handles what you want on micro processors.

Normal IoT development

Requires firmware development for hardware

Normal IoT development

IoT development using obniz

Aggregate all code on the Cloud

IoT development using obniz

There is no need to develop and manage firmware for each piece of hardware.
Differences depending on the hardware, such as the type of sensor connected, command and version, can be solved on the software on the cloud side.Your IoT system is built with a single program in the cloud, and you can link and control any number of devices on the network from anywhere.

Start by connecting
electrical components to the Cloud.

IoT Development start from making hardwares online. obnizOS installed device let control electrical components from the Cloud directly.

To start more quickly, get obniz Board. obniz Board is pre-installed and having cloud license product. When you prototyped and ready to production, then choose more low-cost processor with obnizOS.

Available obnizOS

We don’t limit electrical components to be controlled. obniz let you control not only simple ON/OFF but also UART/SPI/I2C and other peripherals available.

We don’t limit electrical components to be controlled

JavaScript and IoT

SDK available for multiple language and electrical components.
Online Block Programming is ready for very beginning.

Hardware control from modern language
Javascript/Nodejs/Python and others. With obniz, connected components can be controlled from any programming language.

Easily Integrate with UI and Databases
Only a few codes to integrate. On HTML, easy to create UI. With Nodejs, easy to connect hardwares to databases and SNS.

Block Programming
Pick and place to program. Advanced blocks like “Face Detectin”, “Weather Forecast” are ready for use.

Getting Start


STEP1 Prepare a Device

Prepare obnizOS available device.
Buy a license and install obnizOS to your device. Or obniz Board is more easy because it is pre-installed and having a trial license.


STEP2 Connect a circuit what you want to control

Connect sensors, actuators, or existing machines to a device.


STEP3 Control Connected Components from the Cloud

Control circuits from the Cloud. You can use any programming language.
We provide some Free Cloud based development Tools on the Web. Integrate Databases and Web Services with your hardwares.

Start Now! Getting Start

From Beginner to Professional

You will Get in Few Days

Circuit for Starter “obniz Board” is available on Amazon and other online stores.
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