Here we show how to use the embedded switch on obniz.

switch.onchange = function(){}

When the switch state changes, this callback function will be called.
If you press and release a switch, it callbacks twice ("push" and "none").

The states are as below.

  1. none
  2. push
  3. left
  4. right
// Javascript Example
obniz.switch.onchange = function(state) {
  if (state === "push") {
  } else {

[await] switch.getWait()

This determines the current status of the switch.

// Javascript Example
var state = await obniz.switch.getWait();
if (state === "push") {
  obniz.display.print("Now Pressed");

[await] switch.stateWait(state)

With this you wait until the switch status changes to state.

// Javascript Example
await obniz.switch.stateWait("push"); 
console.log("switch pushed");

await obniz.switch.stateWait("left"); 
console.log("switch left");

await obniz.switch.stateWait("right"); 
console.log("switch right");

await obniz.switch.stateWait("none"); 
console.log("switch none");