Peripherals IO

General purpose IO
This is available on each io (for obniz Board series, it's io0 to io11)



Each IO can put out digital values.

Drive methods can be selected from the three below.

Type Voltage max A max Freq Details
push-pull 5v(vcc) <=1A <=250khz(recommend) Default. Overcurrent protection
push-pull 3v <=1mA(recommend) <=80Mhz over current detection when using io.output().
open-drain <=5v <=1mA(recommend) <=80Mhz

Each method can be configured independently for each IO.
Not only for io.output(), but also for UART and SPI you can choose your preferred drive method.


There is only one input method.

3v input with 5v tolerant, so the threshold value is CMOS level.

Type Level max Freq Detail
digital-in 3v(5v tolerant) <=80Mhz
internal weak pull-up/pull-dow

Pull up and down can be configured independently for each IO.

There are four types as below.

Type Pull to Detail
floating   Default
pull-up 5v(vcc)
pull-up 3v
pull-down gnd


Make ioX to output mode and put out 1 or 0.

// Javascript Example
obniz.io1.output(true); // io1 is 5v
obniz.io2.output(1); //  io2 is 5v"3v");
obniz.io3.output(1); // io3 is around 3v.


This allows you to change output drive method.
By default, it is set as push-pull 5v with motor driver(up to 1A).

  1. "5v"
    • Push-pull 5v mode. Up to 1A available
  2. "3v"
    • Push-pull 3v mode. Up to around 1mA. Its voltage will reduce as more current flows.
  3. "Open-drain"
    • Open-drain mode. It sinks up to around 1mA.
// Javascript Example
obniz.io0.output(true); // output push-pull 5v"3v");
obniz.io1.output(true); // output push-pull 3v

obniz.io2.output(true); // output open-drain with 5v pull-up


This enables/disables internal weak pull up/down resistors.

  1. null (default)
  2. "5v" pull up to 5v
  3. "3v" pull up to 3v
  4. "0v" pull down to gnd
// Javascript Example
obniz.io0.pull("3v");"open-drain"); // output open-drain


Make ioX to input mode.
Callback function will be called when io changes its input value.

// Javascript Example
  console.log("changed to " + value);

[await] inputWait

Make ioX to input mode.
And this will return the current input value.
It pauses the process until the value is returned.

// Javascript Example
var value = await obniz.io0.inputWait();


This ends output/input on ioX.
This function is effective only when using ioX.output() or ioX.input().
This won't be called when AD/UART/etc are used.
Pull-up down also will not affected.

// Javascript Example

io.animation(name, status, array of animations)

io animation is used when you wish to accelerate the serial sequence change of io.
"Loop" animation can be used.
io changes repeatedly in a sequential manner according to json array.
io and pwm json commands can only be used.

Key Type Default Required Description
name string - Required name of animation
status string - Required status of animation
animations array - Optional instructions. This is optional when status is pause``resume.
repeat number undefined Optional The number of repeat count of animation. If not specified, it repeat endless.

about status

status Description
'loop' loop animation. It start immidiately.
'registrate' Loop animation. Just registration.
'pause' Pause current runnning animation.
'resume' Resume paused or jsut registrated animation.

about animation

duration means how long this state lasts, and you can set it between ms. 1 to 429426 ms (around 1 hour).
state is a function which has io directives.

// Javascript Example"animation-1", "loop", [
    duration: 10,
    state: function(index){ // index = 0
    duration: 10,
    state: function(index){ // index = 1

It will generate signals like below

Remove animation

// Example"animation-1", "loop")

Pause animation

// Example"animation-1", "pause")

Resume paused animation

// Example"animation-1", "resume")

[await] io.repeatWait(animations, repeat)

It start io aniomation with limited repeat count. And It wait until done.

Key Type Default Required Description
animations array - Required instructions.
repeat number - Required The number of repeat count of animation.
// Javascript Example
    duration: 1000,
    state: function(index){
    duration: 1000,
    state: function(index){
], 4)

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