BLE Peripheral - Descriptor

new descriptor(json)

This creates descriptor.

await obniz.ble.initWait(); 
var descriptor = new obniz.ble.characteristic({
                      "uuid" : "2901",   //Characteristic User Description
                      "text" : "hello world characteristic",

var characteristic = new obniz.ble.characteristic({
                    "uuid" : "FFF1",
                    "text" : "Hi",
                    "descriptors" : [ descriptor ]

var service = new obniz.ble.service({
                  "uuid" : "fff0",
                  "characteristics" : [ characteristic ]


This writes data on descriptor.
It throws an error when failed.

await descriptor.writeWait([0xf0,0x27]);
console.log("write success");

[await] descriptor.readWait()

This reads data on descriptor.
It returns data array when it succeeds.
It throws an error when failed.

let data =  await descriptor.readWait()
console.log("data: " , data );


This is a callback function used when the descriptor gets changed by an external device.

descriptor.onwritefromremote = function(val){
    console.log("remote address :",val.address);
    console.log("remote data :",;


This is a callback function used when the descriptor is read by an external device.

descriptor.onreadfromremote = function(val){
    console.log("remote address :",val.address);    

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