About obniz

obniz provide API for controlling ON/OFF and UART and others.


  • No need to develop a firmware (Firmware-less Technology)
  • Any programming language can be used to control hardwares
  • Single software control multiple devices via the internet.
  • UI integration on HTML, Machine Learning and others on PC

obniz services are below

  • Device
    It's prototyping with obniz. A hardware which can accept electrical commponent and communicate with obniz Cloud.
  • obnizOS
    obnizOS is a firmware to be installed to your device. It will be integrated with obniz Cloud by connecting to network.
  • obniz Cloud
    It's a server provides services like providing API for devices and users.
  • SDK
    Software Development Kit for handling obniz Cloud API for each languages.

A device can be connected with electrical components like motors and sensors.
Also a device connect to obniz Cloud via the network ( obniz Board use Wi-Fi to connect ).
After connection, You can control connected motors and sensors from your program by calling APIs remotely.
SDK let you use API easier, and let you control hardwares as a object in your program.

Ex) JavaScript

JavaScript is the Best with obniz.

SDK named obniz.js let you access devices by just providing obniz id and control connected components by controlling object in your program.
No matter locations and how many devices in the world.
It's easy to integrate hardwares and UI in your browser. Sending UART from UI button and making a graph.
With nodejs, connecting database and SNS is also easy.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/obniz/obniz.js"></script>

<button id="button">LED ON</button>
var obniz = new Obniz("1234-5678");
obniz.onconnect = async function(){
  var led = obniz.wired("LED", {anode:0, cathode:1});


obnizOS requst to connect to obniz Cloud. After authentication, It is always connected. obniz Cloud provide Hardware API to let users to control a device. There are two endpoints.

API data format is json. For example, Connect wss://obniz.io/obniz/1234-5678/ws/1 to control device which having Id 1234-5678.
After connection, All commands are described in json. To turn on io0, send {"io0": true}. In the otherwise, when you configured io0 as input, you will receive {"io0":false} when it's low.

An accesstoken is needed to connect when you already issued one.


API control needs a license. obniz Board already include one. ( Kind of license is depends on obniz Board. )



  • Adding IoT functionality to already deployed products.

    ex) Connect a obnizOS installed device via RS232C. And communicate it from browser.

  • Single admin page to control multiple.

    ex) Connect obnizOS installed devices to each, then create nodejs or python web app to control all.


  • Cloud -> Device communication in realtime.
  • Create IoT without software development.


  • Smartphone and Smart Speaker integration as DIY.

    ex) obniz Board and Event system on cloud

  • Wants to control hardware with javascript.

    (例)obniz Board and HTML on Online Editor

  • Wants to provide next stage from Block Program for childrens.

    ex) Prepare obnizOS installed programming material and program it from iPad.