Payment method

Credit card payment

Payment is generally only by credit card.
You can register your payment information on Billing.

Depending on the plan and conditions, you can pay by invoice. Please talk to us.


You will be charged monthly based on the number of devices used

Cloud usage fees are paid on a monthly basis for the number of devices used during the month.
Devices can be added at any time from the Developer's console.

  • You can always switch between Active / Inactive on the Device Setting. Please see Active/Inactive for how to set.
    When Inactive, not be charged.
  • Usage fees vary by plan and device.Please check Pricing for details.

Billing date

Month-end closing with payment the following month


You will be billed when the device key generation is complete

When adding a device, it is registered in an Active state.
The maximum number of the device that became Active during the month is eligible for payment.

You cannot cancel registered devices.
By changing the setting to Inactive status, you will not be charged for the next month.
Please see Active/Inactive for how to set Active/Inactive.

About Credit Points

Credit Points granted to the account can be used as cloud usage fees (1point = 1 JPY).
If there is a Credit Points balance, it is automatically deducted as a usage fee, and when the Credit Points becomes 0, the credit card is charged.

Other notes

  • All prices listed on this site are tax-excluded. Taxes according to the country / region to which you belong will be added to the price presented at the time of purchase.
  • If various tax rates (consumption tax rates, etc.) are changed during the contract period, they will be applied at the next renewal.
  • The service starts when the purchase process is complete.
  • The price change will be announced in advance on the website.


Q. Where can I check the usage status?

A.You can check past charges and usage status for the current month on Billing.

Q. Is there any payment method other than credit card?

A. Depending on the plan, we can support invoice payment.Please talk to us.

Q.What happens when my credit card expires?

A. If payment is not confirmed, features associated with the plan will be disabled.
(If your credit card issuer is participating in an automatic credit card renewal network, the card expiration date will be automatically updated.)