Quick Start

This section instruct how to use obniz by installing obnizOS to a device. Are you rushed? please consider to use pre-installed device obniz Board.

1. Prepare obnizOS available device

obnizOS for ESP32 can be installed below modules and devices.

  • ESP32-WROOM32
  • ESP32-PICO-D4
  • ESP32-DevKitC
  • ESPDuino
  • M5Stack
  • M5StickC
  • Others,,

2. Buy a license and device Key on obniz Cloud.

Create an account and registrate your payment method.

About Cloud Account

Then buy a needed license.

Buy a cloud license for obnizOS

3. Install obnizOS and write a deviceKey.

Install obnizOS and write a devicekey to your device.

obnizOS can be download for free. Follow below link to install and configure your device. Below link also explain how to connect a network.

obnizOS Install

Use obniz

After connection, your device IOs can be controlled from obniz Cloud APIs.

Lessons available. Currently, lessons are all for obniz Board. So just refer a examples.


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