About obnizOS

obnizOS is a software for micro prosessor to collaborate with obniz Cloud. IOs on a device which is obnizOS installed will be controlled from obniz Cloud through Cloud API.

To control from obniz Cloud, you need to flash obnizOS and write devicekey and applying cloud license.

See How to install obnizOS at Install.

obnizOS for platforms

We are supporting below platform devices.

  • obnizOS for obniz Board
  • obnizOS (for ESP32, and etc)

obnizOS for obniz Board

This is only for obniz Board series from CambrianRobotics Inc. obniz Board is already flashed and configred and even having a license so it is easy to start using.
obnizOS for obniz Board is not public. You can not use this software to control ESP32 processor.

obnizOS (for ESP32, and etc)

Downloadable obnizOS for multiple platform devices like ESP32 and etc. It is free to download.
You can check what devices can be used with at Install.

ESP32 can choose network from Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

For example, ESP32-WROOM32 and ESP32-PICO-D4 and M5Stack are available devices.

How to use

See Quick Start.

You will Get in Few Days

Circuit for Starter “obniz Board” is available on Amazon and other online stores.
You can get it at below

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