Device Management

Manage your obniz on the cloud.
It's Devices on Developer's console.

After account registration and adding an device to your account, You are able to configure the device.

Following configration are available

  • Adding a license
  • Access Token Enable/Disable
  • obnizOS Update
  • Cloud Region

Access Token

By default, obniz API is accessible by anyone.
However, you can choose to put on an Access Token to each obniz.
Access Token can be disabled and regenerated anytime.

obnizOS Update

obniz obnizOS gets updated regularly. Updates can be done through the internet, and it is called "OTA".
To change a obnizOS you want to use, choose a obnizOS version on the console and press "Install" button. ( your obniz must be online before this process. )

* You should update obniz.js upon installing a new version of obnizOS *


JSON format for Websocket/REST API has compatibility. The Formats are same. But new functions are not available for old obnizOS. If you call new function to old obnizOS, then error occured.

Please keep updated your SDK. SDK don't have compatibility. You need to updated latest SDK regarding update of obnizOS. The latest SDK, especially obniz.js, can use with all version of obnizOS.


We provide cloud services in multiple regions which obniz can be connected to. Currenty, we provide the services in two regions:

  1. East Asia
  2. North America

By choosing the nearest region, you can reduce network latency.

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