obniz Hardware and cloud specifications.


By activating an account on the cloud, a user will be able to access/use all cloud functions.


Account none Activated
Generate API Access Token no YES
Firmware Update no YES
obniz Region configuration no YES
HTML Edit linked to obniz id YES YES
Create a file in repository no YES
Private file in repository no YES
Registration of server-less Event no YES

Create an account

An account can be created on Signup page by using email or SNS account.
An account must have at least one license.

obniz ownership and license

There is only one license for each obniz.
By going through an ownership procedure to prove that you have an obniz, a license linked to your account can be activated.
The process can be done on Devices in Developer's console after creating an account.
An obniz that is switched on and connected to the cloud is need to complete this process.
You cannot own an obniz that is already possessed by another user.
If you wish to transfer license, please contact us.

obniz Cloud console

An owned obniz can be configured in various ways on cloud console.
See more details on obniz Cloud console.


By activating a license, a repository becomes available.
There is one repository for each account.
The capacity of a repository depends on the number and type of licenses an account has.
You can upload as many files as the capacity allows to your repository.
The files in a repository can be opened/edited/run on Program.
Each file in a repository will have a unique URL, just like HTML linked to obniz id.

Also, private files can be created. Nobody but the owner of the files can open or see them.

Non-private files, on the other hand, can be seen by others.
There is also a page that lists all the non-private files in your account. Please use this page to publicly share your projects and parts library.

Serverless Event

By activating a license, you will be able to register Events.
It is a serverless system and runs a user's program on the cloud.
See more details on Serverless Event.