obniz Board 1Y can be powered by one of two way.

  1. From USB TypeC
  2. Power pin. (It hided on right-bottom)

Available voltage range is described at Spec.

Power pin

Power pin is hided three terminals.

+ and - share power with USB.
So you can get a power from USB or power a obniz Board 1Y without USB.

3.3v is a output from obniz Board 1Y. It is generated inside of obniz Board 1Y. You can get up to 1A but it also used from obniz Board 1Y it self. We recommend 500mA or below.

Silk on board Input Output
+ Spec described range 5v(Same as USB)
3.3v Not Available 3.3v
- Spec described range 0v(Same as USB)

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