License is required when you use cloud features, like controlling a device from the cloud.

Each license plan provide different features.

obniz Board included license

obniz Board already has id and license. So You can use it soon.
To link a obniz Board and it's license, "Register a device" process is needed.
After registration, obniz Board can be configred more on obniz cloud. For example, OS update, changing cloud region, and etc.

Available for purchase license

A license can be purchase on the cloud after registraion of billing information.

Availables are below.

See each page to check features license provide.

Issue id or Add to id.

When puchasing a license, you can issue a devicekey.
To use with your device, Write a devicekey with obnizOS to your device.

If you had already a device which having obniz id, then it is more easy to buy a license.

License period

When you buy a license, a license has a period.
A license will be renewd automatically by default.
About period and proration and perioid, see Period and Auto Renewal

You will Get in Few Days

Circuit for Starter “obniz Board” is available on Amazon and other online stores.
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