How to Use

By using obniz, You can add IoT functionality to your electrical component or machine. "System of obniz" describes how it works.

1. Prepare a Device

First, prepare obnizOS installed device. There are two ways.

1. obniz Board(obnizOS and License included)

Available at and other reseller.

We also provide parts included KIT see more detail at Products.

2. Install obnizOS to your Device

You can install obnizOS to obnizOS available devices like ESP32-WROOM32. Cheaper or highly sensor integrated board can be chosen.

2. Connect a device to the internet

Connect your device to the internet. Network type depends on kind of device.

3. Connect electrical components or machines to a device

Connect what you want to control. Connectable components are limited by device in electrical limitation. Protocol which obniz can use is described in SDK Document.

JavaScript SDK(Some are in PythonSDK) includes SDK Parts Library.
It let you control components more easily from your program.

4. Control it from your software

By using SDK, you can control it from HTML/Nodejs, Python, or WebsocketAPI.

obniz provide Online Editor and Online Block Program Editor are available without sign-in.

And also, obniz have some online lessons on this website.

You will Get in Few Days

Circuit for Starter “obniz Board” is available on Amazon and other online stores.
You can get it at below

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